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Ellakisha has a passion for the youth. She has inspired, motivated and empowered countless numbers of youth to achieve their goals, create visions and aspire for greatness. As an individual who has come from an underserved community and a strained economic background to overcome insurmountable odds to fulfill her desires, she is always ready to deliver powerful messages that resonate with anyone daring to make an excuse as to why they have to accept the status quo.


If you are interested in having Ellakisha inspire, educate, and elevate your youth please fill out the information below to get a quote on appearance fees*.  


*15 hours of pro-bono work is allocated per month and is issued on a case by case bases.

Ellakisha has been involved in the sports and entertainment business for decades.  As an athlete, she has competed in track & field for over 20 years running in HS, college, and on the professional ranks. In addition to coaching track and XC on a collegiate level as a Head Coach, she also coached football, soccer, tennis, and basketball athletes for speed and skill development. But more than athletically, she has assisted many athletes in navigating the business side of sports prior to becoming a sports attorney as a result of her personal experiences. A love for entertainment is in her blood. Her mother has been performing in bands for as long as she can remember. Raised by a single parent she had to attend many band practices and business discussions, and learned the good, bad, and the even uglier side of entertainment.


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She is not only a Total Wellness Lifestyle Educator, a Coach, and an Attorney, Ellakisha is a businesswoman at heart. She founded two businesses (Athlete Alliance, Inc. and S-o-u-lutions for Youth, Corp.) that she eventually dissolved to focus on becoming an attorney; in which Athlete Alliance, Inc. is still thriving within the LinkedIn community. It is of no surprise to those who know her that she would eventually set out to open up her own law firm to serve clients in the way that she envisioned. She currently runs her firm, E. O'Kelley Sports, Entertainment & Business Law Firm as the Principal Attorney. She is a TEDx speaker and she attends various business events to empower, teach, and lead. 

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