Ellakisha S. O'Kelley, Esq.
Office: 1201 Peachtree Street, Atlanta GA 30361
Mailing:  P.O. Box 961035, Riverdale GA 30296
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Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. - Warren Bennis


1. What is the best way to contact you? If you have a non-legal inquiry email me at If you have a legal inquiry please review the form here.

2. Do you provide services to people outside of Georgia? Yes, I am located in downtown Atlanta, but I provide business services for clients nationally.

3. What services do you provide? I review, negotiate and draft business deals in sports, entertainment and business ventures. I protect trademarks and copyrighted work. I establish and assist companies in state and federal compliance.

4. Do you provide services in film and media? Yes, I provide services in entertainment.

5. Do you provide services for authors? Yes, I provide services in entertainment.

6. What are your fees? Please contact me for details.