Decipher the Code: Contracts

Decipher the Code- Contracts is 1/4 of the Decipher the Code MasterClass series. In this course, you will gain the basic fundamental principles in contract dealings. There is no bad deal without bad understanding.*

Week 1: Introduction

This week we will cover the overview of the course and start discussing the fundamentals of contract drafting.

Week 2: Building Blocks

This week we will discuss transforming a business deal into a binding contract.

Week 3: Execution

This week we will take a deep dive into the "hidden in plain sight" language issues and how to create rights and obligations for parties performance.

Week 4:  Interpretation

The final week we will pull it all together by drafting and reviewing a contract to spot issues or communicate expectations.

Each week the learner will be engaged with the experiential and knowledge-based practice learning. This course is self-paced each week followed by a virtual in-class session each Saturday morning. The course will consist of written material, videos, scenario simulations, and live instructions with Q&A.

*The learner will receive a Decipher the Code certificate if all four of the MasterClass series are completed.

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Great Representation!

5.0 stars

Posted by Ms Harris, Solomon's Vault Global

I was very happy to learn about the practice for Ms. Ellakisha O'Kelley. I'm excited to get consultations regarding my ventures whether for entertainment or my other business services because I know that Ms. O'Kelley will not only provide strong representation but she is also an educator who will help you understand the law. She cares about her clients and is decisive with legal strategies. As a business owner, those are definite qualities that give me confidence to choose the best path for success as well. It's my pleasure to work with Ms. Ellakisha O'Kelley and her Team!!

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Mr. Seth and Dr. Daphne Coleman

5.0 stars

Posted by Daphne

Ellakisha assisted us with a very important contract. She was not only very professional with her timely responses, but patient and caring as well. She helped us understand the language of the contract by explaining the legalistic terms and standard legal language. She guided us in understanding where we needed to question, push back, accept and insert words for protection. Based on her legal assistance, we were able to formulate our questions and speak intelligently for a mutually agreed upon contract that felt like a win-win for both parties. We are very appreciative of her guidance, support, knowledge and expertise and would recommend her to others needing legal assistance.

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The Right Legal Mind Making it Happen

5.0 stars

Posted by Eric Luis Ayala

My management team introduced me to Ms, O'Kelley in 2020. The thought of acquiring an attorney was initially daunting. This meant that the work I was undertaking was growing and that I would need serious legal counsel to decipher contracts (old and new), and the legalese that accompanied another level of business.

Speaking to Ms. O'Kelley eased my trepidation. After laying out what my immediate needs were, and crafting a tentative plan for the move forward, I knew she was the right person for the job.

I felt then, as I do now, that whatever legal challenges I might encounter, she will be there to help navigate potential barriers or pitfalls.


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5.0 stars

Posted by Michael

Very professional as well very knowledgable in contract law. Greatly appreciate her taking the time to break things down for better understanding of both sides of the argument. I absolutely would recommend and looking forward to working with her in the near future as my company grows.

Transforming Impossible to Possible

5.0 stars

Posted by Latisha


Ella's commitment to seeking outcomes that are fair, just and in the best interest of her client - as well as her no nonsense, poised, skilled and very professional demeanor are attributes that she demonstrated that left me a highly satisfied client! I recently signed a contract that turned out to be a very, very bad deal for me... and at 1st pass, it seemed like there was no way out - - Ella continued to go hard for me, and she explained everything to me, read through everything with me, and kept me informed about legal activities from all sides every single step of the way... keeping me informed about the process so that I could clearly make informed decisions with the options I had. I truly appreciated that! Knowledge I can refer to in the future. To talk about having the best interest of her client (me)... not only did she get me out the contract... She also got the majority of my money refunded to me... I really wasn't expecting that since the opposing side was intially being stiff as bricks and not budging... until the highest card was pulled. Getting out the contract allowed me to exhale, but getting my money back was sweet icing on the cake. When you have a great lawyer, what shows up as impossible becomes possible! I look forward to recommending Ella to anyone that finds themselves in a contract quandary!

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Excellent Service!!

5.0 stars

Posted by Yolanda


Very detailed in making sure that my contact cover all aspects of protection for my business website

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Entertainment Professional

5.0 stars

Posted by Kali

Consulting with Attorney Ellakisha was a pleasing experience. I left the conversation with more understanding and knowledge on how to proceed with my company. She took time and was very informative.

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