Webinar Series based on the book Code v. Code



In this second session, learn crucial information about trademarks and what a registration can mean for you. Attorney O'Kelley links up with the Atlanta Black Chambers and the ABC Arts and Entertainment Committee to empower athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs in this 4 part series based on the book she authored, Code v. Code: The Street Code Versus The Legal Code. Get your ticket now! 


Attorney O'Kelley was chosen to be a TEDx speaker at the 2020 TEDx Marietta Square September 19, 2020
Ellakisha O'Kelley, Esq. has been chosen as this year's recipient of ATL's Hottest Entertainment Attorney!

This was the 11th annual people's choice award, which recognizes extraordinary entrepreneurs in various fields. On behalf of ESEB Law Firm, we would like to thank those who supported the firm and voted. 


Each day we strive to make a positive impact on our clients and the community. We showcase our truths by delivering excellent service every day. We continue to set higher standards for the firm's brand by changing the narrative and depicting an authentic non-traditional law firm experience. We protect, empower, and educate our clients. 

Attorney O'Kelley is a nominee finalist in the ATL Hottest Awards.
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The Atl Hottest 11th annual awards ceremony will be taking place on December 8th in Atlanta, Georgia. Attorney O'Kelley was nominated in the category of Atlanta's Hottest Entertainment Attorney. She is amongst some notable nominees in her category. She will attend the event as a nod of her appreciation for the recognition of her respectable work as a rapidly emerging force to be reckoned in the entertainment industry.

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As a former professional hurdler who competed for USA Track & Field, she is no stranger to clearing hurdles.
Ellakisha received great news on September 4th at 3:35 pm. She will be joining the ranks of other NFL Agents. As a black woman, she defeated many odds to now be able to be amongst the very very few agents who are women and black. She also is amongst the even more scarce few that are black female attorneys. Over the past two years, she has had many requests to represent NFL prospects who were slatted to go high in the NFL draft pick. One of the obstacles she faced as an attorney was the limitations of her representation due to the lack of being certified to cross certain boundaries.  As a force to be reckoned with, she fought back by clearing the hurdles that were put before her. 
Attorney O'Kelley has been nominated for ATL's Hottest Awards. As a passionate and strong-willed Entertainment Attorney she's earned the recognition of those she had impacted. Click the link to vote HERE 

Ellakisha continues to expand the platform to empower and enrich talent.


Attorney O'Kelley has been cleared by the NFLPA Agent Certification Committee to sit for the 2019 NFLPA Agent Exam in July.
Attorney O'Kelley's feature in Voyage Atlanta Most Inspiring Stories.

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Ellakisha will be the Hostess alongside Host Cappriccieo Scates on the Rhodell -N- The ATL show for their segment called M.Y. Music M.Y. Business.

As the hosts, we will spend 1 hour (9 am -10 am) on selected Saturdays speaking on current topics in the music industry, fielding calls and educating artists and industry professionals on various subjects related to the music business.  Visit the video page if you miss the live segment.


Ella adds a Chief Talent Officer to the firm.

Hailing from Long Island, New York, Riahna S. Edwards is the newly appointed Chief Talent Officer of ESEB Law Firm. She assists with sourcing, identifying, and engaging opportunities for the firm’s clients. As a rising young professional, she is a conscientious, diligent, and hard worker who aims to utilize her professional background and educational experience to enhance her performance in the sports and entertainment industry. 


Riahna S. Edwards holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Management from Delaware State University. Currently, she is advancing her education at Full Sail University to obtain a Master of Science degree in  Entertainment Business and is in pursuits of obtaining a Master of Business Administration consecutively after. 

Ella was a guest panelist for the Women of Color in Film, TV & Media hosted Artist Spotlight.

On 8/4/18 Ella was a guest panelist for the Women of Color in Film, TV & Media hosted by Artist Spotlight. She shared knowledge with the attendees about preventing contract issues, getting clearances, and knowing when to hire an attorney. She was in the company of decorated writers, producers, and industry professionals. 

Ella was sworn into the Supreme Court of Georgia.

Ella took her oath on May 21, 2018, with the Georgia Supreme Court Justices adding the highest court of Georgia to the jurisdiction of her practice.








Ella was a guest expert on Campus Bound GPS sharing advice to student-athletes about the college application process.

Ella was transparent in sharing how she was successful in achieving her goals in the college application process as a former high school student-athlete transitioning to college. If you know of a student in high school who could benefit from this information please listen and share.

Ella joins the MMA arena

Ella was hired by Derek "War Machine" Wilson to oversee his contractual obligations, business affairs and protection of intellectual property as he begins his career a Professional MMA fighter. 







Ella hired by Michael Tiller
Ella appeared on the online radio show Married2TheGame

Ella spoke candidly with the hosts, Rory and Lequita, of the dynamic sports and entertainment radio show Married2TheGame. She displayed transparency in her journey to becoming a Sports, Entertainment and Business Attorney. She opened up about her tough experiences as a former professional athlete/entertainer and her thoughts on women in this field, and much more! Begins at 23:21.

Ella appeared on the online radio show Black College Experience

Ella chatted with the hosts, Keisha Kelley and Derrick Thomas, of Black College Experience. She gave a little insight into her personal background as a former competitive athlete and Head Coach at an HBCU, as well as, the reason she chose to switch to the side of legal representation for athletes and entertainers.

Ella hired by Michael Tiller

Tiller won the 2017 NCAA East and took eighth at USATF National Championship this past June. He also broke his collegiate record and became the second athlete in history at his college to qualify for both indoor and outdoor nationals since 2016 Olympian Ronnie Ash did so in 2009.

Ella hired by Jolts and Volts

Ella was hired by Jolts and Volts, a small electronic and engineer company to manage their business formation and affairs.

Ella hired by Louis J

Ella was hired by Matthew Lewis, aka Louis J, to provide legal and consultative services to him as an entertainer in the music industry.

Ella hired by Desi-Ray Morris

Ella was hired by Desi-Ray, aka Dancin Desi, to provide legal and consultative services to her as a professional dancer, choreographer and actress in the entertainment industry. She has choreographed for New Edition and performed on BET Hip Hop Awards, as well as, delivered her acting skills in Alvin in the Chipmunks Road Chip, Devious Maids, Star, Hidden Figures and much more.

Ella hired by Christian Coleman

Ella was hired by Christian Coleman to provide legal and consultative services in his sports negotiation deals. He is the 2017 top collegiate athlete in the 100m and 200m, as well as, the NCAA Div I record holder,

Ella To Be Sworn-in as an Attorney

Ella will be sworn-in in the state of Georgia at Cobb Superior Court on June 8th, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.

Ella Moderates Freedom of Speech In Sports Panel 

Ella will be a Guest Moderator, moderating a sports panel consisting of an esteemed list of athletes who will discuss First Amendment issues in sports. The event will take place at The Center for Civic Innovation 6-8pm on the 2nd floor.

Ella Credentials Catches Up With Her Work

Ella has worked with many entertainers, and athletes on the business side of athletics, for over 7 years. She has also had personal experience at the table with business sharks while competing as a professional track athlete from 2000-2009. Now, she has officially formed The Alchemy Sports and Entertainment Consulting Team, to be a business consultant to athletes and entertainers, as well as, becoming a Georgia barred attorney, licensed to practice law as a sports and entertainment attorney.

Ella acquires tax exempt status for Real Men Run 

Ella became the Incorporator for Real Men Run in April 2015 to establish a non-profit corporation for her client. She also acquired the organization's tax exempt status on April 14th. The organization is now officially Real Men Run, Corp. under Georgia Secretary of State, and it operates as a 501(c) 3 public charity organization.