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Scire De Jure® Legal Firm, LLC


Scire De Jure® (sy-ray da-jooray) Legal Firm, LLC, formerly known as E. O'Kelley Sports Entertainment & Business Law Firm, is led by Principal Attorney Ellakisha S. O'Kelley. Scire De Jure (SDJ), means "to know by the rightful claim." Hence, SDJ empowers its clients with legal knowledge regarding their rightful claims in business transactions in the areas of Sports, Contracts, Intellectual property, Realty, and Entertainment. 

Ellakisha is known as the empowerment advocate for economic liberation and ownership protection. Her trademark name is The Empowerment Influencer® and she represents it well in providing legal, speaking, and educational services to her target market.  As Of Counsel Closing Attorney for The Hawes Law Firm, LLC, she practices alongside the brightest attorneys at the preferred closing firm in Georgia.

SDJ's mission is to reshape the legal landscape with exceptional skill, exemplary leadership, and empowering advocacy. The firm is committed to offering proactive and individualized services in a non-traditional manner with wisdom, honesty, and compassion. Our vision is to be the leading footprint on the path towards providing legal advocacy and education to achieve economic liberation for cycle breakers through CARE (creative industry, athletic industry, real estate, and entrepreneurship).

Ellakisha is a graduate of Atlanta John Marshall Law School. She obtained her undergrad degree in Criminal Justice from the University of South Carolina; and a Master's degree in Business Administration and Human Resources Management from American Intercontinental University in Dunwoody, GA. She graduated with honors in both programs and was inducted into the Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Justice Honor Society, and Delta Phi Beta Honor Society, respectively. She is a former collegiate and professional athlete and uses her athleticism and discipline in her continued success off he track. 

If you are looking for an attorney to provide legal services in film & TV, music, content creation, sports, business ownership, and real estate and it involves contract transactions, business formation & compliance, and trademark or copyright protection, you found the right attorney. Fill out the form below and book a Consultation and Strategy call to see if this is the right fit for your business endeavors!


Mailing address:
Scire De Jure Legal, LLC
PO Box 961035, Riverdale Ga 30296

 Empowerment Services

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Full Trademark Service



*non-likelihood of confusion mark


U.S. Clearance Search only


Basic Work for Hire and NDA Template


Cease and Desist Trademark Letter


Cease and Desist Copyright Letter


Raise the bar for your brand and achieve expanded protection and increased value with a federally registered trademark with our Gold Standard Ownership™ trademark service. Maintain your ownership rights through contractual agreements for services provided. Protect your federally registered intellectual property from infringing parties through cease & desist letters.

Please fill out the form below before selecting and paying for a service if you are a new client. Please note that the available days and times are released weekly. Therefore, when viewing the calendar it will show the current week only. If all slots are booked a message will display there are "no available slots for the month". However, when checking back on the upcoming Monday the availability for that week will be shown. Your consultation fee may be deducted from the cost of service(s) requested if hired within 30 days of consultation.

Please fill out the information below and you will be contacted within 24-48 hrs.

Scire De Jure® Legal Intake Questionaire
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1. Are you older than 18 yrs
2. Have you ever worked with an attorney in the industry of sports, entertainment, or business?
3. I am a/an
4. Share brief reason for legal service.

Disclaimer: Unless there is a signed engagement letter a client-attorney relationship has not be established. 

Thank you! Please book your consult below as the final step.

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