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Subscription Plans

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Are you not sure if you are ready for legal services? Have you had a bad experience with a legal provider in the past and you need to build TRUST? Are you a start-up that needs legal protection during your growth phase? Then this Cold subscription is a great option for you to EXPLORE while you warm up. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to legal woes while you wait.

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Are you ready to invest in yourself but have a limited budget with a maximum desire to do it right? if being able to reach out to your legal advisor when needed, getting documents reviewed, or getting a break on flat fee legal services could take you to the NEXT LEVEL in your journey then this Warm subscription is a great option for you to explore until you’re hot. Successful people don’t earn more and then INVEST. They invest so they can earn more.” – Erin Hatzikostas


Are you looking for legal backing to empower you in your business endeavors but exploring opportunities costs you more than the paper it is printed on? If you are a creative business genius or a talented creator and need the FLEXIBILITY to maneuver in your journey to build brand impact, then this Hot subscription is a great option while you get on fire. Access should not determine legal protection ASSETS should. “Invest in as much of yourself as you can, you are your own biggest asset by far.” — Warren Buffett


Are you on fire?! Is your business growing, your opportunities flowing, and your talent showing? But you are not quite ready to put an attorney on payroll, pay a hefty retainer, and you don’t want the traditional billable hour arrangement because the flames may fluctuate. Then this Fire subscription option with valuable BENEFITS that is centered on value-based pricing is made just for you. You have the money, but you don’t believe in trading it for time, you want VALUE. “Value is more expensive than price”- Toba Beta.

Each tier gives specific access to members. The comparison chart displays what access is available under each tier. The higher tiers include the services that are available under the lower tier plus additional services. In either case, members on every tier will have access to their own secure client portal to store information and send documents out for signature, general templates, educational resources, third-party resources, a booking calendar, direct messaging, and FAQs.

Join the waitlist

Join the waitlist to be contacted when the subscription opens for enrollment. The subscription plans are currently only available to Georgia residents.

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