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For The Athlete, Creative, and Entrepreneur Wanting To SAFEGUARD Their Brand!

Trademark Training Workshop
July 20, 2024 - 9 am-12 pm

Emory Continuing Education Building (exact location shared after registration)

In The 3 Hour Workshop You Will Learn

The Secret Sauce To Properly Protect Your Brand With The United States Patent and Trademark Office.  


Trademark Empowerment eBook

You will receive the Gold Standard Ownership Trademark workbook that is packed with all the information you need to understand the trademark process from beginning to end.

$40   $0 FOR attendees


Tip and Tricks

You will learn everything we know as attorneys that goes into effectively applying for the protection of a brand's name, image, and likeness.

$900 $97 early bird

             $247 general admission

Team Meeting


You can connect with like-minded individuals onsite and on the member platform. All attendees will have access to the SDJ private community. 


Who is this Workshop for?

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Business owners, athletes, or creatives providing services or products to consumers beyond one state (website, in-person, stores, social media marketing, etc.).

The hard workers seeking to safeguard their brand legacy but facing financial hardship.

The gamechanger desiring to gain real experiential knowledge to put to use in safeguarding their brand.

Who is this Workshop not for?

  1. The undisciplined dreamer who has a questionable commitment to their brand power.

  2. The non-business owner, non-athlete, or non-creative who does not currently, or plan to, sell products or services.

  3. Any person who intends to learn the trademark process and violate federal law by providing services to others as an unlicensed lawyer.

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As your master teacher, I will empower you with the necessary knowledge to effectively and efficiently perform the trademark process. You will not only learn the what and why of all the important trademarking details. You will learn the HOW of getting it done to avoid the pains and pitfalls of trying to figure it out on your own!

As the renowned Empowerment Influencer
®, I am known for my passion for impacting our world by improving the lives of the underserved and overlooked through the influence of empowering the mind.

This Gold Standard Ownership™ Trademark Empowerment Training Workshop is the first of its kind! THEE FIRST! It is not a shell of a training session that lures people in to learn enough information to remain dependent on the gatekeeper. It is an empowerment session that gives you the power to choose how you want to proceed with protecting and leveraging your legacy.

As a disruptor of my field, I seek to make good disruption. As a former professional athlete, entrepreneur, and creative I AM YOU.


Trademark Training Empowerment Workshop

Thanks for registering!

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