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Attorney. Agent. Advocate. Author

Thank you for visiting the site. You are here because you are more than likely interested in retaining one of Ellakisha's services. Although she has one intention, which is to empower you in your endeavors, there are a few separate and distinct ways in which she can serve you. 

As an attorney, she protects and positions you in your business endeavors to win. As a REALTOR® she can assist you with your real estate needs. As a speaker, she will educate and empower a room full of individuals hungry to learn how to elevate their personal and professional lives. As an author, she has and will continue sharing information that will contribute to elevating our business society.

To receive the correct assistance, please visit the respective service page and use the contact information provided.

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Video Testimonials

What does Leooh Litt have to say about SDJ Legal?

Creative and Entrepreneur

Written Testimonials

Great Representation!

I was very happy to learn about the practice for Ms. Ellakisha O'Kelley. I'm excited to get consultations regarding my ventures whether for entertainment or my other business services because I know that Ms. O'Kelley will not only provide strong representation but she is also an educator who will help you understand the law. She cares about her clients and is decisive with legal strategies. As a business owner, those are definite qualities that give me the confidence to choose the best path for success as well. It's my pleasure to work with Ms. Ellakisha O'Kelley and her Team!!

Ms Harris, Solomon's Vault Global

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